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2019/12/24 Christmas Eve pass GRS Certificate

2019/12/24 Christmas Eve pass GRS Certificate

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GRS Certificate - Recycled Specialty Polyester Yarn

Nowadays with the increasingly attention on global oil crisis, recycled economics and green development issues, many organizations and companies have already involved in this Green economics. In the field of textile and yarn, more and more international brands have been planning to utilize recycled products, such as H&M 2030 plan – using 100% recycled raw materials, IKEA 2030 plan – 0 waste landfill and so on. These plans almost all refer to using recycled polyester yarn. Sigema Yarn focuses on designing and producing specialty polyester yarn, now also develops a series of recycled specialty polyester yarn. In 2019’s Christmas Eve, Sigema Yarn got the Global Recycled Standard Certificate by IDFL.


For the first step, we are offering Recycled Mix Twist products and Recycled Multi Tone Effect products. In the foreseeable future, we will offer more and more new recycled products for customers.


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