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What is specialty polyester yarn?
What is differential polyester filament?




The Mix Twist Yarn utilizes the melting mix twist
technique, which creates bulky hand feeling of
linen-like, dry touch and excellent drapability,
meanwhile overcoming nature linen’s easily shrivel, it is washable and easy-care.
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The Multi-Tone Yarn utilizes the polyester’s
thick & thin property to create multi-tone effect,
which generates dark–medium-light three
different tone slub when single dyeing polyester
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The Three-Dimensional Yarn utilizes
multi-texturing technique to create all kinds of
3D slubs, such as thick and thin slub, toothpick
shape slub, fold slub, neps and so on; depending on the specific requirements of the fabrics, different kinds of appearance and hand feeling can be designed such as wool-like, cotton-like, linen-like and so on.
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The Multi-effect Yarn utilizes the mix twist,
multi-tone and multi-texturing techniques
together to create unique combinational
appearance and hand feeling.
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The Natural Fiber-like Yarn utilizes the
combinational texturing technique to imitate
natural fiber-like appearance and hand feeling;
meanwhile it overcomes many natural fiber’s disadvantages of dyeing and daily care.
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Depending on your requirements, we are able
to co-create your own specialty yarn, including
appearance, hand feeling, fancy effect and
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