The development of cloud silk manufacturers under the epidemic

How we will achieve breakthroughs as a business. The author believes that the first thing to do is to rely on the domestic market. So far, the epidemic has been well controlled. With the gradual resumption of work and production by enterprises, the market has gradually become active. In terms of orders, it is still necessary to tilt domestically. There will be more and more defaults and cancellations of foreign orders. Traders and intermediaries should plan ahead to reduce losses. Need to speed up the transfer of product structure.

Cloud silk refers to the ramie fiber treated by chemical degumming. The color is white, clean, loose and lustrous, and the shape is like a clear cloud, hence the name "cloud silk". Cloud silk uses mulberry silk as raw material, which is "thin as paper" and "clean as jade", and is a green and environmentally friendly product. Mulberry silk cannot be exposed to chemical substances such as pesticides during the growth of silkworms, and will not cause allergic adverse reactions to the human body. It is a standard non-polluting product and a good natural filler. Cloud silk has excellent air permeability, hygroscopicity, dehumidification and warmth retention. White soft, comfortable and cool, warm and durable, no odor. Because the main component of silk in cloud silk is animal protein fiber, it contains dozens of amino acids.


Cloud silk is a harmless, non-polluting modern material. Compared with natural cotton, it has the following characteristics: "warm": light as a cloud, but very warm, 1 kg of cloud silk is equivalent to the warmth of 3 kg of cotton. Breathable "because it is hollow, each fiber has tiny Pores, ranging from 4 to 7. The more pores, the better the resilience, and will not deform after repeated use. "No moisture absorption" is different from ordinary cotton, which is easy to absorb water, absorb moisture, and often need to be aired repeatedly. Cloud silk is always breathable and dry. How is cloud silk spun?  

These hollow fiber raw materials are put into the carding machine, and the carding process is to straighten the bent short fibers, and then card them into a thin layer of cotton web. The netting machine folds the cotton net combed in the previous process back and forth into multiple layers until it becomes a quilt with a certain thickness. Put the cloud silk into the quilt cover, and then use the quilting machine to fix the cloud silk in the quilt cover, so that a cloud silk quilt is ready. Of course, Yunsi can cover it directly after buying it home, or it can be used with a cloth cover. Is the quilt better or the cloud silk quilt? Personally, I think; if it is an authentic cloud silk quilt, it is better, because it has the characteristics of "warmth", "breathable" and "non-hygroscopic". 

In some places with severe epidemics, there are fewer and fewer protective equipment such as masks, and as the epidemic spreads, market demand will also increase. Therefore, the transfer and adjustment of the product structure of cotton, textile and other enterprises will be closer to the water source. In conclusion, the global economy has been hit hard in a year of catastrophe. As an enterprise, we must recognize the situation, look for new opportunities, and seize opportunities to reduce losses and buck the trend.