What are the characteristics of slub silk

Slub silk refers to the use of polyester fabric, waste polyester bottle flakes, spinning waste, foam materials and pulp blocks as raw materials, crushing and washing waste bottle flakes, and then drying, melting and extruding the mixture of various materials. Yarn, winding, bundling, drafting, crimping (add different oils at the same time when crimping according to customer needs), relaxation, heat setting, cutting to form fabrics of different lengths.

The length of slub wire is usually 32-102mm, and the fineness is 1.5D-20D. It makes full use of renewable resources. It has a large market because of its low cost and good performance. There are many varieties of slub silk, including ordinary fibers, hollow fibers, triangular yarns, flame-retardant fibers, etc., which are usually used in furniture and toys, bedding, clothing industry, acupuncture and other filling industries.

Slub silk fabric is a chemical fiber clothing fabric used in daily life. The advantage is that it has good shape retention and is suitable for outerwear. Generally speaking, slub silk fabrics have the following characteristics:


1. The slub silk fabric has high strength and strong elastic recovery ability. Therefore, it is durable and does not require ironing.

2. The slub silk fabric has poor hygroscopicity, it will feel stuffy when wearing it, and it is easy to generate static electricity and contaminate dirt, which will affect the appearance. However, it is easy to dry after washing, with a small decrease in wet strength, no deformation, and good washing and wear resistance.

3. Slub silk is a fabric with good heat resistance among synthetic fiber fabrics. It is thermoplastic and can be made into pleated skirts with long pleats. At the same time, the slub fabric has poor resistance to melting and is prone to forming holes in the presence of soot and sparks. Therefore, try to avoid contact with cigarette butts and sparks when wearing it.

4. The light resistance of slub silk fabric is better, but not as good as that of acrylic fiber, and its light resistance is worse than that of fiber fabric. Especially the light fastness behind the glass is very good, hardly comparable to acrylic.

5. The slub silk fabric has good resistance to various chemical substances. Acid-base does little harm to it, and it is not afraid of insects.


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