A kind of manufacturing method of fancy polyester

Fancy polyester features chemical resistance and frequent washing to reduce fading and discoloration in clothing. So hotel uniforms, stone blue denim, sportswear or kids clothes are made of fancy polyester. Artificial fancy polyester is tougher. When embroidering, the machine runs at high speed. Fancy polyester threads with high tenacity can also withstand greater tension and are more fire resistant. Existing colored fancy polyester yarns have poor hygroscopicity during use, and are also prone to static electricity, which affects appearance and comfort. A novel technique is introduced below to solve these problems.

1. Technical problem solving

In view of the deficiencies of the prior art, this new technology provides a colored fancy polyester yarn, which has the advantages of good hygroscopicity, and solves the problem of poor hygroscopicity of the existing fancy polyester yarn during use.

2. Technical solutions


In order to achieve the above-mentioned good hygroscopicity, the following technical solutions are provided: the colored fancy polyester yarn includes a main body, an antistatic layer is arranged on the top of the main body, the antistatic layer includes a silver-plated layer, a fiber layer and a polypyrrole fiber layer, and the bottom of the main body is provided with an antistatic layer. A moisture absorption layer is provided, and the moisture absorption layer includes a graphene fiber layer, a babass fiber layer and a chitin fiber layer.

Both the antistatic layer and the moisture absorbing layer are intertwined on the surface of the main body, and the main body is made of fancy polyester thread. The graphene fiber layer is on top of the fiber layer and connected by pp adhesive, while the graphene fiber layer is on top of the chitin fiber layer and connected by pp adhesive. The silver-coated fiber layer is located on the top of the polypyrrole fiber layer, and is connected by pp adhesive, and the thickness of the silver-coated fiber layer and the polypyrrole fiber layer is both 0.5mm~1mm.

3. Beneficial effects

Compared with the prior art, this new colored fancy polyester yarn has the following beneficial effects:

1. By combining the main body, antistatic layer, silver-plated fiber layer, polypyrrole fiber layer, moisture absorption layer, graphene fiber layer, basil fiber layer and chitin fiber layer, good hygroscopicity is achieved. The problem of poor hygroscopicity during use of the existing colored fancy polyester yarn is solved.

2. The silver-plated fiber layer has anti-static, anti-radiation, deodorant and anti-extrusion properties.

3. The polypyrrole fiber layer is used, which has the characteristics of heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, bending resistance, deodorization and anti-static.

4. Graphene fiber layer is used. The graphene fiber layer has ultra-far infrared, moisture wicking, anti-ultraviolet and anti-static properties.

5. The fancy polyester uses the babass yarn fiber layer, the texture is very light and thin, it has good comfort when worn on the body, and the moisture absorption and breathability are very good.


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