What is Leris - Doris

Whether manufacturers, brokers or garment factories are closely following the trend of Le Lisi. Whether it is suit fabrics or trousers fabrics, the theme of imitation wool revolves around "Lelis'." The concept of Lelis chemical fiber filament is not only a textile raw material, but also a comprehensive concept of a series of market factors such as development, production, sales and fabric design. At present, the textile market is developing in the direction of chemical fiber simulation, such as simulated silk and simulated wool. However, how to have its own company's product positioning, highlight its own company's sales characteristics, and become a new competitor in the raw material market is a subject that needs to be studied. Loris is easy to match, so it is suitable not only for men's suits and trousers, but also for women's fabrics. This not only improves market competitiveness, but also meets the needs of multi-level consumers.

Lelis is a modified polyester product, which is a new variety derived from 'Chilis'. It has the black and white color characteristics of "Cai Lisi", which makes the dyed finished fabric more natural, soft and not stiff, creating a more natural wool-like and linen-like effect.

Lelis: It is composed of semi-extinction, bright, cationic single or multiple strands or semi-extinction, bright and cationic

Features: After dyeing, there are white knots, deep knots and white knots, and the background color is pure.

From polyester/monofilament, multi-F nylon, colored silk, multi-colored silk, DIA colored silk and other conventional varieties;

Composite yarn, new synthetic fiber, AB yarn, T400, imitation cotton, Leris, Doris and other differential fibers;

Functional fibers such as water-soluble yarns, hot fuse yarns, conductive yarns, flame-retardant yarns, cooling yarns, and heating wires.


Doris is a special polyester material with irregular rough details similar to bamboo knots.

Doris has many advantages, such as a starchless weave, abrasion resistant fabric and a crisp, hemp-like feel. For women's knitted fabrics, curtain fabrics and more!


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