Understand the characteristics of ramie fabrics

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Ramie is a crop that focuses on China's inherent fiber and is China's national treasure. China's ramie production accounts for more than 90% of the world's ramie production, and is known as "Chinese grass" internationally. The stem bark fibers of ramie are thin and white, shiny, strong in pulling, water-wet, rich in elasticity and insulation, and can be woven into rivers (the most famous ones produced by Liuyang in Hunan and Wanzai in Jiangxi), silk and cotton. Blended to make high-quality fabrics.
Ramie cloth is composed of 12 kinds of manual processes, including hemp seed, hemp, rinsing (sun night dew), hemp, thread making, twisting, combing, paddle, fiber, etc. There can be no less than one. The raw material of ramie, ramie, is heavy in gelatinous material, and the ramie machine is irregular, so it cannot be mass-produced by machine. The production is also greatly affected by the weather. "Yuefu Baixing Song" said: "The quality is like silver, and the robe is made of towels." But in terms of fashion, so Tang is crazy about "The Shirt Reminds Bai Jiang". Cloud Silk Leris
The fiber of ramie fabric is long, which is several times longer than that of cotton fiber. The degummed ramie fiber has good luster and white color. Ramie fabric is characterized by ventilation and coolness. Mainly good ventilation, good absorption, large moisture, high efficiency, ramie fiber more than 7 times stronger than cotton, small expansibility, lightweight, about 20% lighter than cotton, not afraid of insects, mold, good hygroscopicity, light and breathable Good, not anti-fungal, wear-resistant, anti-UV, anti-static, anti-static. But ramie has low elasticity, easy to wrinkle, poor abrasion resistance, easy to fluff, easy to fluff, and poor convenience. Cloud Silk Leris
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