Introduction to the characteristics of imitation cashmere in 2020

Features of imitation cashmere

Cashmere-like acrylic fiber is one of the "differentiated" varieties of acrylic fiber. Only South Korea, Japan, China Taiwan and other places have a small amount of production. In 1993, foreign businessmen began to provide cashmere wool yarn to jointly produce cashmere sweaters and other products in southern Jiangsu, and the market sales were very good.

In the following year, Shaoxing Sigma Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. developed fine-denier acrylic fiber tow, and mass-produced imitation cashmere tops, which were spun into wool sweaters, outer jackets, and children's blankets, which were highly evaluated after entering the market. , has its certain market development economic value.

According to my country's national conditions, it is expected that the advent of imitation cashmere fabrics will not decline in recent years. The appearance, luster, dyeing and other properties of the cashmere-like acrylic fiber surpass that of cashmere, and the feel and appearance can reach a realistic level. To this end, subtly imitating and applying various modification techniques can also increase its dynamic, interesting, independent and wild taste, so that different clothing can reflect different spiritual styles and elegant and comfortable extraordinary functions. make it more attractive.

The commonly used clothing fabrics in autumn and winter at home and abroad are mainly cotton, silk cotton, camel hair, wool, high elastic cotton, metal cotton and so on. Due to the limitations of its own texture structure, there are different defects. Such as large size, poor hygroscopicity, easy to harden, moth-eaten, mildew, not resistant to washing, etc.;
The cashmere-like acrylic fiber has excellent moisture and heat balance conditions, so that the thermal retention rate and air permeability index have reached the leading level among similar materials. Good, it will not fall off, and it is easy to recover after washing.

It can be used as raw materials for wool sweaters, trousers, suits, tooling for special environments, as well as warm shoes, hats, socks and bedding. .

The manufacture of cashmere-like acrylic fiber as a wear material is based on the characteristics of the acrylic fiber, using a special processing method to manufacture special specifications of acrylic fiber tops. Shaoxing Sigma Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. has developed fine-denier fibers into new product development projects since 1993, and has been put into mass production the following year. And accumulated manufacturing experience, laying a solid foundation for future production.