Why is cloud silk popular?

Today, whether it is a manufacturer, a middleman or a garment factory, everyone is paying close attention to the development trend of cloud silk. Whether it is suit fabrics or trousers fabrics, or imitation wool themes all revolve around "cloud silk". Due to the fierce competition in the industry, how to grasp the company's product positioning, highlight its own company's sales characteristics, and become a new competitor in the raw material market is a subject that needs to be studied. The emergence of cloud silk just meets the needs of the market.

The concept of cloud silk chemical fiber filament is not only a textile raw material, but also a comprehensive concept of a series of market factors such as development, production, sales, and fabric design. At present, the textile market is dominated by artificial fibers, artificial wool and other chemical fibers. But cloud silk is easy to match, so its application range is not only suitable for men's suits and trousers, but also for women's clothing. This not only improves market competitiveness, but also meets the multi-level needs of consumers. So why is cloud silk so sought after? Next, a brief introduction to cloud silk.


Cloud silk is a modified polyester product, which is a new variety derived from "Cai Lisi". Not only does it have the black and white properties of "colored silk", but it makes the finished fabric more natural, soft and not stiff after dyeing, resulting in a more natural wool and linen-like effect. Cloud silk is made of semi-matte, high-gloss, cationic single strand, multi-strand or semi-matte, high-gloss, cationic compound. Its characteristics are: white knots of different lengths and shades after dyeing, dark knots and white knots with solid background color.

Cloud silk is also known as moth silk or imitation hemp silk. It usually consists of monofilaments or strands that can be compounded with two raw materials. After overfeed compounding, an irregular white knot pattern, thick knots, special filaments in a linen-like style are produced. The length and depth of cloud silk knots can be designed according to the fabric, and the fabric has different color styles. The length of the striped pattern can be adjusted according to aesthetic and visual requirements, which can meet the visual aesthetic requirements of users, and has a soft hand feeling and a remarkable moisture absorption effect. Mainly used for underwear, women's clothing, jeans and other fabrics.


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