What is imitation cotton

In our daily life, we often need to contact fabrics when we buy clothing, bedding and even sofas and plush toys. With the advancement of technology, in addition to various natural fabrics, more and more artificial fabrics have been welcomed by people. , such as imitation cotton silk is one of them. However, because people usually don't know much about fabrics, they can't tell which is imitation cotton silk when buying products, so they can pay more attention to the knowledge of imitation cotton silk in daily life, so as to better buy related products. The following is a brief introduction to what is imitation cotton silk.


What is imitation cotton? Imitation cotton silk is a kind of fabric that is more like cotton products, and it can also be said to be like chemical fiber cotton. Cotton-like silk products are relatively high-end products in the market. They are often used as thermal filling materials in today's clothing market, which greatly reduces production costs. Let us introduce the advantages of imitation cotton silk.

1. The imitation cotton silk is soft to the touch, good elasticity, breathable, and easy to wash. It is mainly used in cold-proof clothing, sleeping bags, bedding, sofas, air filtration and other places.

2. The imitation cotton silk feels comfortable, soft, delicate, and has strong washability. It can be used to make high-grade cold-proof clothing, sofas, bedding and other products.

3. The imitation cotton silk can also be used as filling cotton, which has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, strong elasticity and good air permeability. It can be applied to the filling of various types of pillow sofas, cushions and toys.

4. When the imitation cotton silk is made of hot melt flakes, it has the advantages of excellent warmth retention and breathability, and can be used to make cotton clothes.

5. When the imitation cotton silk is made of hard cotton, its advantages are: environmental protection, strong elasticity, high non-stickiness, after high temperature sterilization, it can replace traditional sponge and cotton products to make mattresses , cushion materials and other new products.


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