Differential fiber series - polyester FDY slub yarn

The 21st century is an era of diversity, and people are pursuing individuality and beauty. As an indispensable item for people, clothing naturally needs to meet people's individual needs. The woven slub silk has raindrops and spots on the surface, and has a rough, simple and natural style, which is very popular among consumers.

FDY slub yarn, also known as FDY fat yarn and tulle, has the structural characteristics of irregular segment thickness changes on the surface of the yarn; the fabric has good air permeability and a dry hand; two-color dyeing effect, soft color; it has good drape and Luxurious style. Due to the structural difference of slub yarns, the thermal shrinkage and elongation of slub yarns are higher than those of details. When dyed, the slub yarn absorbs more dye than the details, giving the yarn an alternating color change of heavy and light dyeing. These characteristics of slub yarn make it have excellent development performance in textile processing. By controlling the length of rough details, different needs of consumers can be met. The silk-like fabric made of triangular shaped slub silk has a silky smoothness and good breathability, and has all the characteristics of soft color, dryness and drape of natural fiber fabrics, so this product is very popular in the market. .



Semi-matte FDY slub yarn

Fully matte FDY slub yarn

Daguang FDY slub yarn

Cationic FDY slub yarn

Flame retardant and other functional FDY slub yarn


The main purpose

Suitable for high-grade clothing fabrics and umbrella fabrics.

The bamboo knot technique dulls the solid color, adding a touch of literature. Soft to the touch, elegant to hang ~ fresh and beautiful color

1. When producing polyester FDY slub yarn, the pre-crystallization temperature and drying temperature should be appropriately reduced, and the drying time should be extended to make the slice drying effect good. The spinning temperature was 291. The initial pressure of the module was 14 MPa, which was favorable for melt spinning.

2. Appropriately reduce the cooling conditions to ensure that each filament is cooled evenly; the oiling is uniform, and the oiling rate is controlled at 1.8% ~ 2%, which is conducive to the production of slub yarns with good internal quality.

3. The drawing and winding process is the key to control the uniformity of fiber thickness and reasonable thickness ratio. As long as it is selected properly, the ideal triangular shaped polyester FDY slub yarn can be developed.

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