What is the composition of imitation cashmere?

The composition of imitation cashmere

The composition of imitation cashmere is acrylic, the hand feel is similar to cashmere, and there is no difference in appearance, but the textile composition is 100% chemical fiber fabric. The advantages of imitation cashmere are that it is cheap, has the feel, texture and elasticity of cashmere, and is easy to dye and maintain.

Acrylic fiber is treated with a special process, so that acrylic fiber has the smooth, soft and elastic feel of natural cashmere, and at the same time has the excellent dyeing performance of acrylic fiber, which is called imitation cashmere. This product has more vivid and rich colors than natural cashmere. However, in actual wearing, it is still impossible to get rid of the problem of static electricity from acrylic.

The appearance, luster, dyeing and other properties of imitation cashmere acrylic are more than those of cashmere. The cashmere-like acrylic fiber has excellent moisture and heat balance conditions, so that the thermal retention rate and air permeability index have reached the leading level among similar materials. It has good properties, will not peel off, and is easy to recover from washing.

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