Performance introduction of imitation cashmere in 2020

Imitation cashmere is made of 100% Acrylic, which is smooth, soft, and elastic, and has more vivid and rich colors than natural cashmere.


Imitation cashmere is 100% Acrylic (100% acrylic) and feels almost the same as cashmere when it is done.
Features: It is made of acrylic fiber through a special process, so that the acrylic fiber has the smooth, soft and elastic feel of natural cashmere, and at the same time has the excellent dyeing performance of acrylic fiber, it is called imitation cashmere. This product has more vivid and rich colors than natural cashmere. However, in actual wearing, it is still impossible to get rid of the problem of static electricity from acrylic.

The unique features of cashmere-like acrylic fibers are bulk and softness. The bulkiness of the tops after steam heat setting is obviously better than that before steam heat setting. The softness of the formed fabrics cannot be achieved by any natural or animal fibers, but its hygroscopicity is worse than that of natural fibers. If efforts can be made in physical modification , to change its deficiencies, to make its market bigger and its future more promising.

Cashmere-like acrylic tops are still mass-produced for various reasons. Mainly the price factor. Since 1986, a small amount of imitation cashmere tops have been imported in Shanghai for trial use in the wool spinning and knitting industries, and imitation cashmere sweaters and children's blankets have been produced. The market is very prosperous. Imports were later stopped due to price restrictions. There are no fixed channels for the import of such wool yarns, and the market demand has risen sharply. At this time when the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent, if it can be produced in batches for later use by spinning mills, the market will be optimistic.

In foreign countries, such products are low-grade commodities with poor sales. my country has a large population, a large market, and a low per capita income. Such commodities are cheap and high-quality, and are very popular with consumers. Foreign investors are optimistic about the Chinese market. They provide raw materials. In southern Jiangsu, factories have been established to operate joint ventures and produce popular products. The price is only 25% of that of cashmere. The market for both woven and knitted products is unprecedentedly popular.

At the same time, it should also be seen that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to make the cashmere-like acrylic fiber realistic, improve wearing comfort, anti-static, pilling, and skin tactility, and truly achieve the realm of comfort, leisure and elegance. , such as clever application of various modification technologies, especially polymerization, spinning technology to modify, to achieve differentiation; in the production process, the "care" of filament bundles is particularly important. Can improve the spinnability of sliver and spinning.