Epidemic protection

How to protect against the epidemic, and do you still need to go out?

After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia that originated in Wuhan, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it, made timely prevention and control arrangements, and resolutely curbed the spread of the epidemic.

In fact, to curb the spread of the epidemic, in addition to the determination and efforts of government departments, the role of every ordinary citizen cannot be ignored.

Pay attention to hygiene and benefit others. Develop good hygiene habits, not only about yourself, but also about others, one less sick person, one less source of transmission. Experts say it's everyone's responsibility to take personal precautions to protect themselves and others. If wearing a mask, an N95 or medical-surgical mask should be worn, not a cotton mask. You should also wash your hands frequently, pay attention to eye, nasal and oral hygiene, avoid going to public places, do not gather, do not go out, epidemic prevention is everyone's responsibility.



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