December 24, 2019 Sigma Chemical Fibers issued GRS certificate

In recent years, with people's attention and discussion on the oil crisis, circular economy and green development, more and more government organizations and enterprises have devoted themselves to the green economy. In the field of textile fibers, many international brands have successively announced plans to use recycled products. For example, H&M plans to achieve 100% sustainable fibers in raw materials by 2030, and IKEA plans to achieve zero waste to landfill in 2030. It involves advancing and using recycled polyester fibers. Sigma Chemical Fiber focuses on the research and development and production of polyester special fibers. Under this green economy trend, it has also launched a variety of special regenerated fiber products, and obtained the Global Recycled Standard certificate issued by IDFL on Christmas Eve 2019. .

At present, the regenerated mixed twist processing series and the regenerated shade absorption series have been launched. After that, we will launch more regenerated special fiber products. Interested friends are welcome to come to consult and discuss.