The use of white silk

White weave silk is a polyester fabric. Pure hemp fabrics are expensive and have insufficient fabric strength. Now white weave silk is used in many sports shoe manufacturing and apparel industries and has become a new fashion trend element. Most cotton-like and linen fabrics are woven from polyester fibers. In terms of fabric appearance, the two are very similar. In feel, the difference between the two isn't that big. However, imitation cotton and white silk fabrics are far inferior to real cotton and linen fabrics in terms of breathability and sweat absorption.

White grain silk refers to natural white grain silk made by physical or chemical modification methods in appearance and wearing performance. Hemp fiber materials include polyester, acrylic, acetate fiber and viscose fiber, among which polyester filament and acrylic short fiber have good hemp effect.

Triacetate has a refreshing feel and a better hemp effect when compounded with polyester. Acrylic fibers have a dry feel, and the uneven surface of acrylic fibers has a better hemp effect. White weave silk can be used as women's clothing, suits, jackets, loose shirts, dresses, summer sportswear, etc.


Processing method of white thread:

1. Blended with hemp fiber, it not only maintains the style and appearance, but also makes the chemical fiber have quick drying, good strength and wrinkle resistance.

2. Filament that imitates the processing of short fibers, such as air texturing with special false twist, such as false twist, compound twist, heavy twist, etc., to make single or compound processed yarn, giving white silk with the thickness Knot, shine and freshness.

3. Blending and spinning different short fibers into composite yarns with multi-layer characteristics, making the blended yarns breathable, soft, brittle and dry.

White weave silk fabrics are made of cationic silk and spandex silk, which are woven on rod looms with stable weave and processed by complex techniques such as stitching, strong twisting, pre-shrinking, setting, dyeing and finishing. The finished product thus formed has unique characteristics in terms of its texture, feel, function and style. The appearance is fresh and delicate, the texture is soft and soft, without wrinkles, the style is beautiful and charming, and the style is elegant and generous.


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