What is imitation cashmere

Imitation cashmere is a chemical fiber clothing fabric used in daily life. Its main advantage is good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, making it suitable for outerwear. Generally, imitation cashmere has the following characteristics:

1. Polyester fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability. Therefore, it is durable, wrinkle-resistant and non-iron-free.

2. The imitation cashmere fabric has poor hygroscopicity and feels stuffy when wearing it. At the same time, it is easy to be electrostatically charged and polluted with dust, which will affect its appearance and comfort. However, it dries very easily after washing with little decrease in wet strength, does not deform and has good washing and abrasion properties.


3. Polyester is a fabric with better heat resistance among synthetic fabrics. It is thermoplastic and can be made into pleated skirts with long-lasting pleats. At the same time, cashmere-like fabrics have poor fusion resistance and tend to form holes in the presence of soot and sparks. Therefore, try to avoid contact with cigarette butts and sparks when wearing it.

4. The light resistance of imitation cashmere fabric is better, but not as good as that of acrylic fiber, and its light resistance is worse than that of natural fiber fabric. Especially the light fastness behind the glass is very good, almost as good as acrylic.

5. The imitation cashmere fabric has good resistance to various chemicals. Acids and bases won't damage it too much, and it's not afraid of mold and insects.

The difference between imitation cashmere and wool products:

1. Different luster, pure wool fabrics are mostly soft and natural, with less color. Cashmere-like fabric is rich and colorful. If you look closely in the sun, you will often see flares.

2. Feeling and elasticity are different. Pure wool fabric feels soft and smooth. When hand-tightening or shaking the fabric, it feels snappy, slightly wrinkled but not stiff, and rebound soft but not stiff. Even though faux cashmere looks like wool, it feels soft and smooth, with lots of folds and slowed rebound.

3. Burn after rotation. After stretching and twisting pure wool fabrics, you will see wool fibers that are uneven in thickness, vary in length and curl naturally. Cashmere-like fabrics are uniform in fiber length and thickness.


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