What kind of fabric is cloud silk?

Cloud silk is a chemically degummed ramie fiber. The color is white, clean, loose and shiny. It looks like a clear and blank cloud, so it is named "cloud silk". It is a new type of environmentally friendly fiber. Its product combines the breathability of cotton, the strength of chemical fiber, and the feel, fiber, luster and smoothness of silk.

Formation of cloud threads:

The ramie skins chopped from the fields are scraped green, soaked in water, naturally fermented, beaten, washed and dried to obtain ramie fibers.

Source of cloud silk:

When chemist and hemp fiber expert Yu Yunhe made rayon from grass fibers abroad, he found that ramie containing a lot of colloid is a very good fiber material, but how to completely remove the ramie colloid This problem has always been circling in her mind. After returning to China in 1936, when he was the commissioner of the Central Economic Committee of the Nanjing National Government, Yan Yunhe traveled all over the country's main ramie producing areas, made a detailed investigation on the cultivation, production, varieties and properties of ramie, and then began to carry out chemical degumming of ramie. Experimental Research.

In 1937 in Chongqing, Yan Yunhe conducted a degumming experiment with simple chemical equipment. After 8 years of assiduous research, we finally found a method for uniform degumming of ramie raw materials. Tu Yunhe summed it up as a new chemical degumming process of "first acid and then alkali, two boiling and one bleaching or two bleaching".

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