Introduction of Lelis material

Lelis is a product of modified polyester, a new variety derived from "Cai Lisi". It has the black and white characteristics of "Cai Lisi", which makes the dyed finished fabrics more natural and colorful. Soft, not stiff, creating a more natural wool-like and hemp-like effect.

Leris: It is made of semi-matte, bright light, cationic single strand, multi-strand or semi-matte, bright light and cation compound.

Features: After dyeing, it has white knots of different lengths and shades, deep knots and white knots with a pure background color.
Sea-island silk is a common name for "island-type microfiber". It is to disperse one polymer in another polymer, and the dispersed phase is in the state of "island" in the cross section of the fiber, and the matrix is ​​equivalent to the "sea". Widely used in clothing, apparel, luggage, indoor supplies and industrial fields.

In addition, there is also Cai Lisi: composite of cationic polyester (40%-60%) with semi-matte polyester or bright polyester (60%-40%).

Loris Features:

Features: with shades, background colors, white knots, mainly white knots
Colorful silk: A new generation of bright silk is formed by using glossy polyester or modified polyester, through the effective combination of compound color spinning and special-shaped section.
Specifications: 50D-150D
Uses: Suitable for home textiles, decoration and fashion fabrics.

Slub yarn: It is composed of two or more strands of semi-matte, bright polyester colored, cationic and other raw materials. Features: It has slubs and cationic slubs with different lengths, intervals and thicknesses after dyeing. , which can be more obvious
Specifications: 100D-500D.

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