Production technology and quality of imitation cashmere

(1) Selection of cashmere-like acrylic raw materials: Cashmere is characterized by its soft hand. The use of acrylic fibers to produce imitation cashmere to achieve the effect of cashmere, the selection of raw materials is the key. According to foreign information, the single-fiber fineness should be finer than conventional.

(2) Production technology and quality of cashmere-like acrylic fiber tops: The two batches of tow production tops are both produced by the breaking method. Production is carried out on the imported MSC-1 type breaking machine, SMC400 type re-cut needle flow machine and SC400 type ball nail combing machine.

Conventional imitation cashmere is used as shrinkable tops, and the rate of performance is determined according to the needs of the user's products. The fine-denier filaments produce regular tops, which are then mixed and combined on the SMC400 type re-cutting needle carding machine in proportion, and then used on the SC400 type ball needle carding machine. into a ball. In production, due to the fineness, the number of fibers per unit cross-sectional area of ​​the fed even increases, which intensifies the friction between the needle tip and the fibers, which is easy to produce lint, and defects such as hard knots between the drafting rollers.

The content of ultra-long fibers and short hairs on the breaking machine increased significantly, which affected the production of spinning mills and increased the amount of wool used. According to the above problems, they are classified into different categories. It is concluded that the comb box part of the needle-carding machine is fed by the relaxation method, so that the tops entering the comb box part are drawn negatively and the width is enlarged; the roll-out pressure is released on the breaking machine. After adjusting the speed of the vehicle, after technical adjustment processing, the weight of the hair was changed, and the partial load of the comb box was adjusted.

Defects decreased significantly. No super-long fibers were found, and the products were made into sweaters, clothing, etc. after spinning. All achieved satisfactory results. The spinning and top manufacturing technology of cashmere-like acrylic fiber is the first in China. The degree of secrecy abroad is quite high, and this trial spinning only relies on the analysis of a few imported wool yarns to obtain little information. At present, there is no quality rating standard in China, and the assessment is still based on the FJ533-85 acrylic wool top quality standard issued by the former Ministry of Textile Industry.