Development of Imitation Cashmere

my country is a big producer of rabbit hair, accounting for 90% of the world's output. Among them, high-quality rabbit hair is processed into 721, 541 and 082 blended yarns by wool spinning mills, which are widely used in imitation cashmere products. Although there is hair loss, its excellent quality. Taking performance and rich, gorgeous and elegant appearance are still favored by consumers.

However, there are more and more secondary rabbit hairs with short fibers, low strength, smooth surface and poor cohesion, and textile processing is difficult. In order to make full use of these cheap secondary rabbit hairs, Yantai Tang's Knitting Co., Ltd. A series of experimental studies have been carried out, and in 2008, high-end imitation cashmere sweaters have been mass-produced, and good economic benefits have been achieved.

They use 10%~50% of 16~24 pcs/2 times hair-free, 20%~30% of 3.3dtex 98~105mm imitation cashmere high shrinkage acrylic fiber and 20%~60% of conventional imitation cashmere acrylic fiber, It is spun into blended yarns with different fineness and different blending ratios.

The main technological process is: blended yarn - yarn clearing - weaving - stitching - inspection and milling - dyeing - softening - dehydration - drying - setting. The weaving method includes pure weaving of blended yarn, cover weaving of blended yarn and spandex spun yarn, blended yarn and acrylic cashmere-like yarn, and the weaving organization is single-sided organization. Experiments show that when the needle type of the flat knitting machine is 9~12 needles and the yarn number is 55.6~41.6tex, the single-sided weave can make the blended product achieve good results.

In addition, the weaving density is too large or too small, which directly affects the milling effect of the fabric. The milling is carried out on the SFN02 type milling machine. This milling machine has moderate rotation speed, no tension and small liquor ratio. It can be used to complete the milling and pretreatment. Dyeing According to the structure of the raw materials, the dyeing process is also different. Due to the use of high-quality auxiliaries and special processes, the blended sweater has a plump hair-free appearance, a natural cashmere feel, and an excellent drape effect.

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