How to distinguish Doris, Loris and segment dyed yarn?


Doris is a polyester special raw material, which is a kind of polyester special raw material. Because of its appearance, it has irregular thick details similar to bamboo knots.

Doris has the advantages of pulp-free weaving, abrasion-resistant fabrics and a crisp feel like hemp fibers. Mostly used for women's knitted fabrics, curtain fabrics, etc.!


Lelis is a product of modified polyester and a new variety derived from "Cai Lisi". It has the black and white characteristics of "Cai Lisi", which makes the dyed finished fabric more natural and soft in color. , not blunt, creating a more natural imitation wool, imitation hemp effect.

Lelis: It is made of semi-matte, bright light, cationic single strand, multi-strand or semi-matte, bright light and cation compound.

Characteristics: After dyeing, it has white knots of different lengths and shades, deep knots and white knots with a pure background color.

segment dyed silk

The segment dyed yarn adopts imported special dyeing equipment and unique dyeing process, and dyes two or more different colors on the same yarn, which changes the traditional single-color dyeing and woven fabric style. A fundamental breakthrough has been achieved, showing regularity in the absence of rules, and showing a three-dimensional sense in the plane, colorful and rich in layers, fully satisfying the needs of design and aesthetics.

Yarns suitable for segment dyeing include: cotton, polyester-cotton, acrylic cotton, viscose staple filament, acrylic, rayon, polyester, pure wool, nylon, nylon staple filament and various blended yarns , The dyes that can be used for segment dyeing are: reactive dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes, coatings, etc.

From polyester/nylon monofilament, multi-F nylon, colored silk, multi-colored silk, colored diamond silk and other conventional varieties; composite silk, new synthetic fiber, AB yarn, T400, imitation cotton, Leris, Doris, etc. Differential fibers; to functional fibers such as water-soluble yarn, hot-melt yarn, conductive yarn, flame-retardant yarn, ice-cooling yarn, heating yarn and other product specifications are complete.