A picture to quickly understand the special chemical fiber, Happy New Year's Day

Yuan, beginning, dan, dawn. On the morning of New Year's Day in 2016, maybe you are with your family, maybe you are still running around, no matter where you are, the editor of Sigma Chemical Fiber wishes you: a new year and a new atmosphere, all the best, and the money is rolling in. In the new year, I hope that every good day, Xiaobian can accompany you and share with you the stories of new special chemical fiber information and product development.
On the first day of the new year, the editor will send you an overview of Sigma's special chemical fibers, allowing you to quickly understand the classification of special chemical fibers.

Note: There are two types of styles in Sigma Chemical Fiber's product line:
1) Color:
Le Lisi: dark and light color absorption effect
Coloris: Polyester cationic two-color effect
2) Form:
Doris: with twist details and untwist bulking knots
Flower twisted silk: double left and right twist pattern
Fat and thin silk: three-dimensional effect of deep and shallow sections
Collins: Crinkle and tangle effect
Slub wire: Raised slub effect