The characteristics of six kinds of knitted fabrics, is there anything you don't understand?

Knitted fabrics have a soft texture, moisture absorption, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and productivity. The knitwear is comfortable to wear, has no restraint on the body, and can reflect the curve of the human body. Modern knitted fabrics are more colorful, and new knitted fabrics with various texture effects and functions have been developed, bringing unprecedented sensory and visual effects to knitted sweaters.
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1. Acetate fiber (astel) knitted fabric Acetate fiber has unique characteristics such as silk, fiber luster and gorgeous color, excellent drape and feel. The knitted fabric made of it has smooth hand feeling, good wearing feeling, hygroscopicity and breathability, light texture, low moisture recovery rate, not easy to pilling, and prevent static electricity. Acetate woven fabrics such as knitting fabrics and popcorn are favored by consumers.
2. Modal fiber knitted fabric Modal fiber is a new type of environmentally friendly fiber. The comfort of cotton, the drapability of viscose, the strength of polyester, and the feel of silk are integrated, and it maintains a soft and bright color after multiple washings. . The knitting process combines the fiber and the soft and fluffy high elasticity of the knitting itself, maintaining the excellent performance of the two. Single-sided and double-sided knitted fabrics woven with mannequins and spandex bare silk, soft and smooth, good elasticity, suspended, good luster, good hygroscopicity, and good air permeability Fashion clothing designed with this fabric maximizes the human body curve , sculpting female conductor sexiness and glamour, is the most advanced knitwear preferred by the avant-garde fashion family.
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3. The cool hemp style knitted fabric made of strong twisted yarn knitted fabric with strong twisted yarn not only has a gauze feel, but also has good cool and hygroscopic properties, especially silk is flammable, which is an ideal advanced knitted fabric. In addition to excellent performance, the fabric feels fuller, relatively strong physique and dimensional stability, good crepe, ideal fabric for high-end office wear.
4. There are 4 grooves of cool max fiber on the knitted fabric of cool max fiber, which can quickly discharge the sweat from the activities through the evaporation of the surface of the clothes, keep the skin fresh and make the activities comfortable. It has good electrical conductivity, and cotton fibers and woven knitted fabrics have good water conductivity, and are widely used in sewing t-shirts, sportswear, etc.
5. Regenerated green fiber Lyocel knitted fabric Regenerated green fiber Lyocell, Tencel and spandex bare knitted knitted plain knitted weave (jersey), rib, double rib (cotton) and its textured fabrics with soft texture, soft cotton, Soft and elastic product style Elegant silk appearance, drape
6. The glitter knitted fabric has a glitter effect and has always been loved by fashion designers. In the knitting far-end yarn (large circular knitting machine), the raw materials of gold and silver threads are woven together with other fabric raw materials, and a strong reflection glitter effect or gold plating method is used on the surface of the fabric, and various patterns of glitter appear on the knitted fabric The effect is that the reverse side of the fabric is flat, soft and comfortable, which is a better knitted garment fabric. The tight-fitting women's fashion and evening dresses designed with this knitted fabric show a dazzling and romantic style through sparkling fabrics, showing the bright, handsome and bright style of knitted fabrics, showing the style of all round neck knitted garments, and contributing to product development. Has broad prospects.
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